Walk Your Way To Good Health

brisk-walking-exerciseWho would have thought that a simple everyday task would be beneficial to one’s health and well being? Everybody walks at one point of the day; it’s so natural and so effortless. So if we all just go a notch higher and walk for our health, maybe we can feel better and have longer lives.

Of course before we embark on a particular weight loss program, it’s best we consult with a doctor. We should get with a doctor who can recommend a suitable program. In my case, I got with my doctor and told him that I would like to lose some weight by walking. My doctor supported my exercise plan but also advised me to get on a proper diet.

Before starting my walking regimen, I made sure I was fit to walk a block or a mile each day. According to my doctor, I had to take it easy. I simply could not walk long distances immediately. Another consideration was that I had to determine a certain time of day for walking. I just did not want to squeeze in a routine just so I could say to myself that I was exercising. I had to pick a time that was convenient for me. Then I determined the route I would take. I planned everything carefully so that I could enjoy my regimen.

As far as I know, there are two kinds of walking. There’s race walking or brisk walking and there’s the normal hiking. In the absence of any safe route for walking, stair climbing in the comfort of our home or work environment is recommended. Stair climbing involves, first and foremost, stairs where you climb up and down at a certain speed and for a particular amount of time.

Since I started my walking regimen, I have started to take the stairs in the office. It seems like my body craves for the physical activity as I continue on with my walking regimen.

Then there is brisk walking. This is high speed walking. It involves a particular speed that some would describe as almost running. Hiking is any long walk for leisure or for exercise on various types of terrain. Personally, I combine my walks. I allot an hour a day for my walks. It’s a good way to relax and unwind.

Nonetheless, walking is a great weight loss program. It’s pretty affordable as well. Top it off with a healthy diet and say good bye to fat.