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It makes a whole lot of difference if you have a team to support you in your weight loss. You won’t feel so alone. The fact that you have a team to turn to makes losing weight a lot easier. And that’s why we’re here. We will support you through and through here on our website. Anytime you’re feeling the pain and the anxiety, you can get with us here. But just remember these terms and conditions.

Your Team

We are your team. We, here at ydapp.com, are here for you. However, we are not doctors or medical practitioners. As we had already said, we are just a bunch of health and fitness fanatics eager to make a difference in our world.

We will share our healthy tips and tricks but you need to make sure you’re under some kind of professional supervision as well. Be it a doctor or a certified health and fitness expert, you need either one to safely achieve your goal. So while we are your team, you also need to get with a health or medical expert to support you personally.

How We Will Support You

You will find a generous amount of informative articles on health and fitness here. We will share with you everything we have learned and researched about safe weight loss. That’s how we support you here.

In return, you can always get in touch with us. You might have a question for us or maybe even a thought or opinion to share. We encourage you to do just that. Please do share what’s on your mind, as long as what you have to share is related to our articles here.

Regarding as to how you will share your thoughts with us, you’d have to be polite. We don’t tolerate messages that contain profanities and obscenities. Ydapp.com is all about finding the best diet approach for you. It will not accommodate messages or comments that violate the feelings of any individual. Nor is it a venue to discredit any service provider or company.

So if you have any complaints about a product or hard feelings against someone, don’t sound it off here. Ydapp.com is NOT the right venue for that.

Now we that we set expectations, let’s get to work. Together, we will be able to find the right diet approach for you.