Privacy Policy

We aim to develop a culture of trust here on Such is the reason why we are transparent with how we handle any personal information that’s collected here. Our Privacy Policy will give you a clear idea as to how we treat your personal information.

To start with, we do not collect any kind of personal information from you. Unless you want to post a comment or use the contact form, we won’t require you to share any personal information. You can freely access It’s not a requirement that you sign up to use it.

We are able to capture your email address when you submit our contact form and when you post a comment. You can trust us NOT to publish your email address. Also, we will NOT share or sell it.

We are also able to see your IP address when you post a comment. That too will not be shared or released to anyone. We will keep your personal information confidential as long as you obey our terms and conditions.

Our Privacy Policy is about trust and transparency. Trust us that we will protect your personal information. Visit this page often to see how transparent we are in protecting your privacy. We will post whatever changes we have on our Privacy Policy here.