Is There Really A Quick Weight Loss Fix?

fast-weight-lossAlthough we all know it, a new research shows that weight loss cannot happen overnight. An experiment on rats proved that a quick healthy change of diet has no great impact on how much they weigh.

The Research

Female rats were divided in two groups. The first group of rats was given a healthy diet while the other group of female rats was fed a diet of sugar and processes carbs. The latter group gained weight and ended up close to being obese.

Change Of Diets

After six months, the diets of the rats were interchanged. The obese rats were shifted to a healthier diet. While on the other hand, the healthy rats were given the junk food diet.

No Significant Change In Weight

Interestingly, there were no immediate changes in their weight. The obese rats were still obese and the healthy rats didn’t gain any significant amount of weight. In spite of a healthier diet, the obese rats were still lazy. While on the other hand, the healthy rats were used to performing tasks that helped them burn the calories from their unhealthy eating.

Weight Loss Cannot Happen Overnight

While the research was done on rats, the findings can somehow hold true for the human body as well. After all, there are similarities in the physiological systems of both the rats and the human body. So if there’s one thing for sure, there is no shortcut to weight loss.

Exercise Is The Key

The group of rats (that started with a healthy diet) was able to perform certain tasks that kept them in good shape. This showed a certain level of discipline in their lifestyle. They did not become lazy, in spite of a change in diet. Nonetheless, the lazy and obese rats remained the same, in spite of their healthier diet.

This just proves that physical exertion definitely plays a significant role in weight loss and management. Nothing can replace a good workout routine.

Exercise And A Healthy Diet

We all want to lose weight at the shortest time possible. Such is the reason why we’re all looking out for the most effective diet program. But it’s not enough that we get on a healthy diet. The best and safest combination to weight loss is exercise and a healthy diet.

But combining both cannot guarantee an immediate weight loss. While it’s the best combination to weight loss, it does take time for the body to shed the pounds off.

Start Now Before It’s Too Late

Most of us embark on a healthy diet once the scale shows a scary number. We wait for that moment to make the decision to lose weight. But it’s been proven that eating healthy does not have to come with the desperate need to lose weight. The fact is that we all should eat healthy, whether we want to lose weight or not. With so many meal replacement programs nowadays, it’s better to start eating healthy now before it’s too late.

The experiment shows that there is no such thing as a quick weight loss fix. Although some diet programs may promise immediate weight loss, it’s not exactly the safest way to shed off the weight.

Weight loss just doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner we get on a healthy eating pattern and a good workout routine, we would never have to rely on any quick weight loss fix.

Medifast Is A Smart Diet Approach

If you’re looking for a pre-packaged diet program, you might have a difficult time deciding which one to go for. After all, they all seem to be very effective and safe to try out. But if you’re really in a quandary as to which one to choose, maybe it’s time to consider the one diet delivery service that has been in the market for thirty years.

Thirty Years Of Experience

Medifast Inc. was founded in 1980 by a doctor named William Vitale. He had sold Medifast products to fellow doctors. Effective and safe, the doctors prescribed the Medifast products to their patients who were struggling with their weight.

Since then, Medifast has been the leading weight loss diet delivery service in the market. Together with a thirty-year experience in weight loss, Medifast also boasts of an huge network of satisfied clients that have lost and kept the weight off.

How It Goes

Just like any other pre-packaged diet plans, the Medifast diet plan also offers a wide array of meal replacements. Examples of these meal replacements are yummy bars and pretzels for snacks, cereals and pancakes for breakfast, tasty soups and hearty choices for lunch or dinner, and even soft bake treats for desserts. Undoubtedly, Medifast covers a wide array of great tasting food choices that can really help in your safe weight loss journey.

With the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, you are encouraged to eat six times a day. In this particular plan, you can enjoy any of the five meal replacements from Medifast. So for breakfast, you can choose between cereals and pancakes. For lunch, you can choose from the soup and hearty choices. In between breakfast and lunch, you can also eat any of the yummy snacks. The whole point is that you are allowed to eat five delicious meal replacements from Medifast. The sixth meal is all up to you. This is where you can come up with your own Lean and Green Meal.

The Lean And Green Meal Of Medifast

This is how Medifast differs from the other diet delivery services. With Medifast, you can whip up your sixth meal for the day. The lean part of this particular meal consists of 5-7 ounces of protein (lean or meatless) and healthy fat. The green part of this particular meal consists of vegetables recommended by Medifast. In case you decide to use Medifast, do not forget to use a Medifast coupon code discount to save.

This salad is one yummy example of a Lean and Green Meal. It consists of one cup romaine lettuce, half cup of broccoli, half cup of bell pepper, five ounces of chicken breast, and three teaspoons of salsa.

Medifast has a complete list of recommended lean green ingredients. If you’re a vegetarian, you will also find a list of meatless options. The 5 & 1 Food Journal can also help you come up with tasty lean and green meals. You will definitely not get bored with all the meal options from Medifast.

According to Medifast weight loss reviews site, one of the many benefits of Medifast is that the Lean and Green Meal empowers you to come up with your own healthy dish. This is a good way for you to gradually get on a healthier path of living. You are not totally dependent on the system but when the need arises, the system is there to support you.

So if you’re still looking for the right diet delivery service, maybe it’s time to consider Medifast. It is, after all, the one diet delivery service that stands out among the rest.

Walk Your Way To Good Health

brisk-walking-exerciseWho would have thought that a simple everyday task would be beneficial to one’s health and well being? Everybody walks at one point of the day; it’s so natural and so effortless. So if we all just go a notch higher and walk for our health, maybe we can feel better and have longer lives.

Of course before we embark on a particular weight loss program, it’s best we consult with a doctor. We should get with a doctor who can recommend a suitable program. In my case, I got with my doctor and told him that I would like to lose some weight by walking. My doctor supported my exercise plan but also advised me to get on a proper diet.

Before starting my walking regimen, I made sure I was fit to walk a block or a mile each day. According to my doctor, I had to take it easy. I simply could not walk long distances immediately. Another consideration was that I had to determine a certain time of day for walking. I just did not want to squeeze in a routine just so I could say to myself that I was exercising. I had to pick a time that was convenient for me. Then I determined the route I would take. I planned everything carefully so that I could enjoy my regimen.

As far as I know, there are two kinds of walking. There’s race walking or brisk walking and there’s the normal hiking. In the absence of any safe route for walking, stair climbing in the comfort of our home or work environment is recommended. Stair climbing involves, first and foremost, stairs where you climb up and down at a certain speed and for a particular amount of time.

Since I started my walking regimen, I have started to take the stairs in the office. It seems like my body craves for the physical activity as I continue on with my walking regimen.

Then there is brisk walking. This is high speed walking. It involves a particular speed that some would describe as almost running. Hiking is any long walk for leisure or for exercise on various types of terrain. Personally, I combine my walks. I allot an hour a day for my walks. It’s a good way to relax and unwind.

Nonetheless, walking is a great weight loss program. It’s pretty affordable as well. Top it off with a healthy diet and say good bye to fat.

Losing Weight With Bistro MD

bistro-md-diet-weight-lossI had been struggling with my weight for the last for years. I had lost and gained weight so many times. None of the diet programs I had gotten into was able to help me stay within my ideal weight. The several diet programs had briefly worked for me. Unfortunately, I gained all the weight back. Frustrated and depressed, I researched on what could really work for me.

It helped to know what other people had to say about the certain weight loss diet programs. After undergoing a lot of the weight loss programs, I could really relate to what they all has to say. There were several recounts of people with similar plight online. I looked into them, gathered suggestions, and came up with my own list on how to avoid immediate weight gain. Here is my version of tips to keep the weight off.

1. Calorie Intake: It is best to take note of the calories. As much as we try to avoid it, counting calories gives an accurate picture of how much food we put into our body and how much we need to burn them in any form of movement or exercise. Counting calories can help in weight loss at the same time, help in maintaining the new weight. This is why I like the Bistro MD diet program or the Diet-To-Go weight loss plan as these programs have pre-portioned meals which limit the calories that you take on a daily basis.

2. Healthy Food Choices: The trick is to choose healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Salads and fruits are always delicious but healthy alternatives.

3. Eating Strategies: According to weight loss programs, eating schedules are dictated by personal preferences. For example, you may be comfortable in eating a heavy breakfast and light dinner every day. If this is something that suits you, then you should not have a hard time complying. It is important to have a regular eating schedule so your body will not be deprived of food.

4. Start with Small Changes: Never overwhelm yourself with big weight goals by doing anything drastic with your food choices or even starvation. Start with small changes like eating more fruits and vegetables. Feeling a sense of accomplishment can help maintain the weight loss one day at a time. This is exactly why the Bistro MD diet program is so effective as it helps change your eating habits and patterns so that you can lose weight and get back to health.

5. Remain Disciplined: It takes a lot of discipline to remain and follow through with a weight loss program. It is really very important that you remain focused on your goal so that you can remain on course. Every now and then, your focus might waver. However, if you remind yourself of your weight loss goals and have something to inspire you, chances are that you will get yourself back on course. Having definite goals in mind can make wonders in terms of focus.

While it may have taken me a while to learn how to lose and keep the weight off, I realized the common errors and learned from all of them.